GhostPE Project

These are the current goals I have for the GhostPE project:
Create a working base XP PE disk = Done
Add Norton Ghost executables = Done
Create choice menu to select from = Done
Add network support = Done
Add network drivers = Done
Add a GUI (explorer, bbshell, etc) = Future maybe
Add some other useful tools to the final build = Future maybe
Make it PXE bootable = In Progress

Update: Nov 2012
Well, after using the above project at work for just short of a year,
I can say that it works better than I expected. Still a bit slower
boot times than a DOS based Norton Ghost, but that is the nature of
WinPE builds. Hope others are enjoying this minimalistic WinPE Ghost.

Credit goes where it should:
The NativeEx_Barebone project was created by's pscEx and community.
Winbuilder and communities for creating some truely awesome software and projects.
Keep it up everyone, only you can stop yourself.
All drivers I used came from the project.


Individual scripts are now available

You can also contribute to and follow this project here:
FesterJester is my user. PM me if you like.


Next project: A Windows 7 based Norton Ghost build
Create a working base Win7 PE disk = In Progress
Add Norton Ghost executables = Waiting ^^
Add network support = Waiting ^^
Add network drivers = Waiting ^^
Add some other useful tools to the final build = Waiting


A little about me:
I currently work IT for a local grocery chain by day and do various computer related projects by night.
I have graduated from WITC for IT Network specialist, but know much more than what was actually taught in college.
 (Thank's go to my professors)
I do NOT know everything, but I usually know where to look for info or help.

Thanks for looking,